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Remembering Georgy Kantor

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from Nelly Kemelman (Yusim), a graduate

I’m holding in my hands a beautifully published documentary by Georgy Kantor “From Music - to Life.” Excitement and memory take hold of me. It’s hard [even] to imagine how much this opus, this titanic work, this priceless collection, has so painstakingly, intelligibly and fully observed all sides of the vast cultural center of Tatarstan - Kazan over the past 100 years. Such a great variety of material is amazing. This detailed study of the music and concert life of Kazan gives an idea of the evolution of the [whole] music education there.

A huge research work has been done by my beloved teacher, a wonderful man and musician, Kantor Georgy Mikhailovich. While reading this book, I recalled and again mentally met familiar names of my teachers - Litvinova Elsa Borisovna, a wonderful person, a wonderful pianist, a granddaughter of A.A.Litvinov, a famous Russian musician, who was at the origins of the music life in Kazan as well as a violinist and conductor, and a friend of P.I.Tchaikovsky. I also remembered M.G.Disman - a musicologist and Professor of Tatar State University, and L.F.Pankina - the Dean of our department, as well as many other familiar and dear names.

Georgy Mikhailovich was the head of the Music History and Theory division, with a God-given pedagogy talent, an interesting and talented lecturer - so erudite that I remembered that for many years. Respect him and thank you.

We remember you!

With deep gratitude,

Nelly Kemelman (Yusim),

Tatar State University, Department of Music 1969 graduate.

For 40 years, I worked as a teacher at a music school in the city of Ryazan.

Currently I am living in Israel in the city of Ariel.

I enclose George Kantor’s autograph in the book “From Music to Life” given to me by the author.


Текст автографа:

Dear Nelly,

To commemorate our collaboration on the “Life for Eternity” book, I present my opus about the music life in Kazan to you.

Sincerely grateful,



Tel-Aviv, 12/24/2010


From Mikhail Parkhomovsky’s book, “On Both Sides of Playing” about Georgy Kantor

(Beit Nelly Media Publishers, Tel-Aviv 2005)

“Sollertinsky from Kazan”

Georgy Kantor

An introductory speech to the music - is like a bridge between the listeners and performers. This exact bridge feel occurs when Georgy Mikhailovich Kantor is on the stage. I always catch myself on thinking that he was given a gift of God, that it’s interesting to listen to him, even if much of

what he says has been well known for a long time. Kantor is a brilliant specialist, for many years he headed the Department of Music History of the Kazan Conservatory, he wrote a lot of journalistic works dedicated to music and musicians. [He was] the most erudite person who, besides having graduated from the conservatory and doctorate schools, also graduated from the Department of History of the Pedagogical Institute. Plus, he’s a great pianist and accompanist, a careful listener, as musicians say, and an excellent music sight-reader. Not every playing pianist can do it. Nathan Rakhlin told me that Kantor's opening remarks were significantly boosting his emotional spirit before going to the orchestra on stage and the public. I, too, more than once - in Kazan and in Arad - had this feeling myself.

The ease and grace of phrases that fly off Genechka’s lips always delighted me - that’s an amazing improvisation. Not everyone is given by nature with such a vivid speech and impeccable logic. Georgy Kantor is the pinnacle of elocution and true Cicero of the music of our time.

«Beit Nelly Media» Publishers - about the collaboration with Georgy Kantor

«Beit Nelly Media» Publishers have been immensely lucky to publish two books by Georgy Kantor: «From Music to Life» and «Life for Eternity.» It was very interesting to work with this outstanding author. Always fit, slim, with a charming smile, he was a terrific narrator.

Shortly before his death, Georgy Kantor told us about sending a priceless multi-kilogram package with the materials of his music culture research to Kazan conservatory as a gift.

In response, he received a letter of appreciation full of compliments on these materials, worthy of several dissertations.

Undoubtedly, the outstanding personality of Georgy Kantor is worthy of perpetuation on Wikipedia.

Director of Beit Nelly Media

Alla Serebrinskaya



Georgy Mikhailovich Kantor taught us the History of Foreign Music and the Folk Art [courses] at the Kazan College of Music. Kantor’s phenomenon for me, since my young age, was in his ability to make an eventful definition for an entire era out of some ordinary fact. And vice versa, when giving a characterization to some style, time, or work, he could even rely on household items.

That's who the true master of “non-boring classics” was.

He proved that History is fascinating. He was a [true] popularizer - in the highest sense of this word and meaning.

Perhaps, in my memory, - I happened to listen to many recognized authorities of this genre on the stages of the Old and New World, - he was one of the best.

[He was] the person turning the listeners on with a seemingly dry musicological word. AND no matter who sat in front of him, conservatory students or a completely untrained audience.

He always spoke with enthusiasm and, as if his voice was choking.

Following his advice, we were enthusiastically obtaining these or those books, vinyl records, read, listened, discussed. He knew how to “gush” with words and push his listeners into further independent contact with the topic, researching and deepening their knowledge.

Kantor wrote several books that have undoubtedly become invaluable documentaries and help in studying the musical culture of Kazan.

Wide coverage of historical and aesthetic trends in the field of the opera formation, professional performance, music education and enlightenment, capacious, peculiar portraiture

characteristics of Kazan musicians from the famous Rakhlin to unknown debutantes - all this laid in the sphere of Kantor’s critical and research interests. He was sometimes criticised for populism, despite the musicologist-historian by nature is a popularizer and cannot not be somewhat populist.

The topic did not play any role for him. He could talk equally enthusiastically about the evolution of two-voice textures in Russian folk songs or about the concept of Wagner’s opera reform. Of course, Cantor was a solid scientist, talented teacher, historian, local historian, music critic. But above all for me [he was] a brilliant lecturer, and an improviser on any given topic [as well as a] friendly and witty conversation partner.

Sometimes, introducing symphonic music concerts, he was too easily carried away and forgetting about time. Musical wits even came up with a joke about this: “A concert for

Kantor with the orchestra." However, the public always listened with interest and was never


I have been associated with him for many decades of friendship. Our aesthetic

views did not always coincide, but he managed not only with me, but also with his other former students not to “play the mentor role”, but remain, above all, a tolerant partner. He didn’t lose sight of [his] students even in our chaotic time, when fate scattered us around the world.

Semyon Gurariy - Art Director of the Munich Forum of Arts and Festivals,

Head of “Gourari-Akademie”


06/16. 2020 Munich.PM


Memoirs of Aleksander Vladimirovich Gluzman - a graduate of the Department of Music and Pedagogy of Kazan Pedagogical Institute.

I was fortunate enough to study with Georgy Mikhailovich Kantor in 1974-1979 at the Department of Music and Pedagogy of Kazan Pedagogical Institute. G.M.Kantor’s lectures have always been a big deal in which students were directly involved. His professional and personal influence on students was great. Many of those who studied at that time with G.M.Kantor, became musicologists, scientists, brilliant teachers. We made our first steps in science precisely at the division of history and theory, which was headed by G.M Kantor. Our last meeting was in Yalta, at the N.G.Rakhlin’s anniversary celebration, in which Georgy Mikhailovich was directly involved and was the initiator of a number of events. We talked a lot about the development of musical art in the Crimea, recalled Kazan teachers and friends, and - together with N.G.Rakhlin’s grandson, Igor - visited a house on the Crimean South Coast where N.G.Rachlin spent his happy summer seasons. I was happy with our communication and together we planned new meetings in Israel and Crimea. While we remember G.M.Kantor, a remarkable musician, scientist and person - it feels as if he’s still with us ...

Sincerely, A.V.Gluzman, Yalta, Crimea.


Memoirs of Max Perelshtein - an Instructor at the Department of Music and Pedagogy of Kazan Pedagogical Institute

Dear colleagues, friends and fellow countrymen of Tatarstan!

June 20, 2020 marked the 90th birth anniversary of Georgy Mikhailovich Kantor, professor, musicologist, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. I am pleased to send you a video recorded by G.M.Kantor on the day of his 70th birthday. That’s a wonderful material that vividly reminded me of Georgy Mikhailovich, a warm, talented, and extremely educated person. We had a lot in common - including many years of work with him at the Department of Music and Pedagogy of Kazan Pedagogical Institute, where he was the Chair. It was comfortable working with him, feeling his support and his wise advice in everyday work. Geni Kantor’s light, charming and kind personality left a deep mark with all those he touched.

After his repatriation to Israel, he continued his indefatigable activity - he wrote and published several books, led music lectures in Arad, was a frequent guest and participant in various meetings of the Tatarstan compatriots association, and performed a lot in Kazan as a guest lecturer and narrator of the [Feodor] Chaliapin Festival. I am sure that the personality of G.M. Kantor - a musician, teacher, friend, left a deep and vivid mark in our hearts.

Besides the video

I suggest that you look at G.M.Kantor’s opening remarks on YouTube which are dedicated to the great conductor N.G.Rakhlin.

Look for “Кантор Георгий Михайлович” on youtube.com.

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